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Oh gosh. What a bummer. (sigh) 

The only way to create word-wrapped buttons in Wix is somewhat painful. And risky. 


We all* know sometimes Wix site's elements move few pixels here and there. And this method needs pixel-perfect measurements. 

I tried several other workarounds, none fulfills the requirements: either full text or button changes on hover + text is word-wrapped + there is a link. 

The successful method needs stacked on top of each other: 

1. on bottom a colored container

2. then word-wrapped text - no link yet

3. a fully transparent button, no border, no shadow, with a link, and 30% color on hover, needs to be perfectly centered with the container though, and needs about 20% less pixels width and height

By now you most probably feel the pain of Wix moving elements some pixels right or left. What can you do. Wix's todo list has this problem an it's a very low prio. 

* We all Wixies ;)