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The job's being done for you. Instantly!


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What is it actually?

Tool automates manual tests. 

What you get as a result is a report of what is working and what is not. Instantly!


When to use it?​

  1. ​for critical functionalities: 
    those you need early notice of when not working
  2. for high cost tasks: 
    repetitive, taking long time, many people or effort


​Customer is billed only for creation of the automated tests. If additional resources are needed, like machine for load testing, then these are agreed separately.

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​​Selenium is used for building automated tests for web and mobile. JMeter for performance checks. SoapUI for testing RESTful APIs.
Dedicated test framework as a test-tool can be coded using widely known libraries and easy to use language, interfacing Product Owners or other non-technical team members using BDD. 
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