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Wondering how to get more Customers and how to keep them?​

​Improving Product's quality gives great boost​ to Customer satisfaction.
​Sure Quality Assurance ​looks if the app is pretty - that's an important selling point (UX).
Quality Assurance also looks deep into organization's processes and methods for software development in order to bring quality to Products.​​
Bee Quality looks into ​people and moods too​. There is nothing more powerful than motivated, cooperating, jokey and agile bees! Or ninjas if you like.​

wanna go home
and quit the job...

let's crunch the design man!

Quality does not happen over night.

suitable processes​



There are many reasons Quality is delivered, or not, in a project. 


  - no processes

  - chaos in documentation

  - hard to use tools
  - insufficient tools/machines/resources

  - no management involvement



sharing knowledge

release process


competition arena?


some people treated differently in same situation?


  - lack of trust  

  - stress

  - lack of motivation

​  - hierarchy

  - sadness

​  - too much freedom

  - lack of appreciation

  - burnout​


  - bad light

  - uncomfortable chairs​ *

​* this is real pain in the back

when was the last time integration, outdoor event took place?

team members often sick? is the organization shrinking?



Quality is constant care.​
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