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Digging the bugs out


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Software Testing

Testing delivers feedback about health of your Project:
24% of bugs
76% ok

Regression Testing

Exploratory Testing


"Hello World!"

While Exploratory Testing we get to know a project by checking it in several basic categories:
  • documentation
  • functional
  • content
  • graphics, typos, grammar
  • UI - User Interface
  • UX - User Experience
  • usability
  • security
  • localisation/internationalisation
  • performance, load, stress 
and a lot more.

Problems found are delivered to you as a Bugs in bug tracking system, spreadsheet or a tool of your choice.

​You receive always set of Test Cases or summary of performed Checks. Both are usable for further usage - see Test Plan

Please note that repetitive exploratory testing is suitable for small projects or for projects with team of experts.


"How's the Project today?"

Regression testing occurs later on and periodically. It is performed when a change is introduced to the project and verifies that:
  • previously working functionalities are still working
  • changes introduced are working
  • new problems are reported early

Spec Driven Testing



User Stories,


and more

These documents are essential for:
  • big, commercial projects
  • for effective testing of unknown domain 

We need to understand what Customer wants.
They enable effective building of Test Books - Test Plans, Test Strategies etc. 
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